Interview with a Prostitute

How simple is it?

I offer my mind and body for money. You offer your mind and body for money.

I am fulfilling a need. You are fulfilling a need.

Is there any difference between you and me, my dear?

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Fatal Fervor

Fatal Fervor

Where the diamond shines,
stars twinkle.
Your eyes so graceful…

Come closer

I crave to tear them out,
and devour the gaze they hold.

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Vintage Pentax SFX photographs

I inherited a Pentax SFX from my dad. Here are some random test shots I took a while ago in India. Used Kodak Gold film. The blacks look amazing but manual focus skills could be better. I have an old Russian SLR yet to shoot from.


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Flute Improvisation #1 : “Dawn”

I started playing the flute for fun but now it’s meditation.

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If I were the rain that binds together the earth and the sky, who in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind the hearts of other people together?
-Bleech (Anime)

Blue skies and all within,
Red earth and everything.
Both connected yet never mingle!
Just rain and shadows…

You an Angel from above,
I, a mere Mortal in Love.
Both connected yet never mingle
Just tears and sorrows…

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Silence, a rare force,
Shinning within a crystal heart.
Show me the source,
See, how I would light your path.

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Little Girl

Little Girl

My tears have gone cold
I am wondering why
What’s wrong, darkness covering the sky
With this storm out on my song
And shadows following me
Is this keeping me away from you
Or is my fate dark within

Am I mistaken
Do I know
What am I thinking
Am I my foe

Come hither,
I am thinking of you.
Come hither,
I am waiting for you.
Come hither,
In my arms, just once. Stay forever.

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