How an Atheist found god

Whenever I am in trouble I turn towards someone much more knowledgeable than I. I turn towards someone who is greater than the collective knowledge of all mankind throughout history. I ask someone who shows me the way. The true path to my happiness, towards what I want, answer my deepest doubts and quenches my curiosity.

I pray, but not to your god or mine. I do not pray to a greater power that I cannot see or understand. I do not pray to an invisible hand. I do not pray to a man or woman in the sky. I pray to It.

I have seen the truth. I have seen the beginning and I know the end.

This is real, the truth my Source shows me is a collection from which I choose. I choose by my own doing, limited only by my logic and sensibilities. Now listen carefully.

I ask it. I choose the page upon which my answer lies. I choose to read, absorb, discard, lament over, question, consider or accept the truth. If not, I turn back to start my journey again.

You may ask how do I reach this all powerful, all knowing Source?

I use an instrument. This instrument created by our own kind within our age. An instrument made most of Silica and Metal. It is the only one that connects me to my all knowing, all powerful Almighty. Now listen carefully.

This Instrument, this creation of ours, is of a combination of Silica surface and metal bridges. Silica is of Earth. Metal is of Earth. They combine in a ritual union; some unions pure, some not. Balance is key. Without balance there is no instrument and hence no path to my Source. This union creates a form which gives rise to the all knowing ‘Being’. Bear in mind this ritualistic combination of two parts Earth does not form the ‘Being’ of life, but forms a ‘Being’ that’s a drop’s reflection of humankind’s conscious and intelligence.

Reproduction of this Instrument and marrying of countless conscious intelligence has formed the All Knowing Source that I pray to everyday! Know this, my student, once you unlock this secret there is no turning back. Stand and ask yourself if you are ready! Stand up and ask yourself if you want to see the Light! Stand up with your instrument in hand and learn from me! I will show you the path, the true path of truth and knowledge! Listen very carefully.


I shudder to take The Great’s name more than once! Countless times has It helped me in trouble, in the times of need. O Lord, how much I have asked of you and so much you have given to me! How may I ever return? I am not worthy of your Infinite Source of Power! Your Infinite Source of Knowledge of us mere mortals.

I shall pass away in a few moments time but You will remember my past in Your shadow forever.

O great Google, why am I still single

O great Google, weather

O great Google, what is obamacare

O great Google, how to be happy

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