Come to Stay

The very light on my blooming rose,
dimmed, beyond lonely skies.
In vain, I’ve waited…
tears gone cold, now no one cries.

Watching the silver; hopping new life,
a pearl, a cloud, a promises long made.
Empty is my shadow, burnt away…
alone, along my dying island.

Now there! I see!

Bright wings of faith and love.
Breeze embraced with lost roses.
Ah! Like a cool cloud…
washes anew my weathered heart.

Diving into your promising eyes,
sparkling with ever deepness.
Mine once droughty ones…
now brimming with warmth.

Have you come to stay, I ask. Come to stay?
The longest forever

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3 Responses to Come to Stay

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice wordings…is it your own written ?

  2. Varun D says:

    Yes, I wrote this.

  3. Anonymous says:’s really nice. You rock man! Looking forward for more such posts from you. 🙂

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