PHUN simulation: Rocker-Bogie Design for CE Bot

Presently, I am working on a project by CE Bot (visit the link for more information and see Appendix for more links). While discussing the appropriate suspension/chassis design, we thought about implementing a Rocker-Bogie system inspired by the Mars Rover designs.

So to get an idea on how the Rocker-Bogie design would work, I tried several simulations on PHUN (Now Algodoo), a 2-D simulation sandbox. An excellent free tool to test out 2D simulations.

Bellow is the simple simulation I did on PHUN:

Note that the simulations are only for one side. The other side is connected through differential rod with elliptical gearing. This has to be studies further. However, here is a small flash demo showing how each side will turn based on the other’s motion [[ LINK ]]:

If you have more Questions visit the sites bellow (my username is ‘xheavenlyx’):

CE Bot Google Site

CE Bot Part 1

CE Bot Part 2

CE Bot Part 3

or Email me at: varun(att)crazyengineers(d0t)com

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2 Responses to PHUN simulation: Rocker-Bogie Design for CE Bot

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