My visit to CNN and GeoTV in Dubai, U.A.E. Part 2

Read part one first. She gave her card and we left the office thinking how easy it was. We made a random stop on the 3rd floor which was split in two with Cybertronix and 7 Cube  on one half and Geo TV on the other.

No receptionist was present so we introduced ourselves to someone beside the main table. He looked puzzled when we asked him to show us around. Understandable, considering not many barge in their office asking to be shown around – he asked us to talk to a guy sitting behind us.

He was the Station Head; Mr. Imran Meer. He gave a huge smile and said, “So, you guys are students? Want to have a look around?”. We were grinning, ” Yes, that would be really nice”. Imran took us to the News station  where they receive feeds from all over the world from other stations, journalists, Routers, AFP, AP and edit it to be given to the production team who later display it for Hamid Mir to read it out of the teleprompter. All we saw were macs in the News Station area, not a single Windows PC for the technical work.


He took us around to the technical department where they manage processing, advertising list, program list, and how they display their channel logo on the lower-right corner. Showed us the processors where final audio-video encoding takes place for it to be beamed up. They use 2 satellites; an up-link station Samacom provided by the United Arab Emirates government and a backup.

He told us about the Geo Group in Pakistan and how it is a huge company comprising of magazines, newspapers and entertainment channels. He got really passionate when asked about the current emergency set my Parwez Musharaf in Pakistan and how Geo TV is protesting against it by displaying a black and white Geo TV logo. Their news anchor, Hamid Mir wore a black badge on his right arm. Geo TV also knew about Musharraf’s secret visit to the UAE to meet Benazeer Bhutto. He talked about how politicians are very shrewd in showing the right face at the right time, and being someone else in different situations.

We visited the sets of famous Geo TV programs like the Kamran Khan and Sana Mirza show.

We concluded by watching news being edited on the fly by some mad talented PCR (Production Control room) guys.

Presently Geo News is on a New Frequency 4154/H/4410 on IS7/10 and is also being broadcast online on

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One Response to My visit to CNN and GeoTV in Dubai, U.A.E. Part 2

  1. Azka Wasim says:

    A very well written and informative article! i am currently doing my thesis on proposal of media city for pakistan and the information that yo gave is so helpful it made my day! cheers to u! wish u had taken some pics as well!

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