Take-it-Apart: Whats in a Pace Digital Receiver?

DVR 500 Digital Integrated Receiver Decoder
PART CODE: 540-1601700
220 – 240V AC 50Hz 45W MAXSERIAL NO.: PCDCAKI617442265
Made In U.K.

Old Digital receiver I had. Another just like this is still here, might open it, might not. Trust me you can salvage a lot of electronic parts from your old electronic devices!


I noticed that this Receiver and the other Technosat one were a lot different. Ofcourse, Technosat model is much newer.

However, in this model you can find standalone IC’s of video processing, audio processing, a microcontroller, card reader IC, PCMCIA IC, PCMCIA Slot and so on.

The technosat model (later) has fewer IC’s but powerful multifunctional ones!

This is how fast technology is traveling.

What I have taken out:

4 in 1 composite connector. . Serial female plug. . Green LED’s. . 4×7 segment display. . IR Detector. . IR Transmitter from remote. . PCMCIA Slot !! (I could not believe my luck. This slot can be used for a wireless robotic projects) . Clocks (or xtals)

Here is a list of other IC’s in this machine. If anyone has time please look up their functions/datasheets and comment. It would be very informative. ===COMMING SOON===

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2 Responses to Take-it-Apart: Whats in a Pace Digital Receiver?

  1. mostafa says:

    I need to Crack This Decoder To Resever

  2. admin says:

    cant do that, I threw it in the bin after molesting it like this. I have saved the PCMCIA slot though…

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