Take-it-Apart: Whats in a Composite to RF Converter


Pooja Audio-Video To RF
Video C.D. Converter
Model V-CD 250
Made in India (Exclusively Local)

I bought this about 5 years ago in India, took me a while to find this awesome (at that time) device. Used it to connect my Playstation 2 to an old Sony TV which just had a single RF input port.

This Audio-Video to RF converter did exactly what it says. You connect your composite vid to the black connecter and one audio (no sterio) to the red and the RF output to your TV. Set at appropriate channel and fine tune with the pots at the back. Thats it.

Read on…

Well, now this little buddy is useless, most of the televisions these days come with composite connectors, even those are near extinction (being taken over by HDMI). So, openning it was my only option.

What did I get by opening it??

1. Got pretty good number of useful parts!

2. Learnt which IC (TOSHIBA (Jap) TA8637BP) was used to convert composite to RF, since I have a RF receiver module.

No more talk, see the pics.


2 Composite(RCA) connectors (Extremely Useful for some of my prozx).

1 RF male connector.

2 pots with nice black knobs (unknown resistance range, will check later)

1 Fuse holder!!! (Never had one of these).

1 Composite to RF converter IC: TOSHIBA (Jap) TA8637BP (The only IC used here. Simple aint it!).


1 Transformer (unknown stats)

1 Power capasitor

<several> Resistors and inductors.

<several> Wires

1 Switch

1 KIA 7812p 80V

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One Response to Take-it-Apart: Whats in a Composite to RF Converter

  1. velmurugan says:

    i want detailed circuit diagram of audio/vidio to RF converter circuit

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