Ohmygod! You smoke!?

We, and I mean all of us existing (with no intention of generalizing), have a tendency to ‘Label’; a genetic habit of trying to place something somewhere within a ‘group’. Why do we do this? As I said it’s genetic.

Not surprisingly, we have a tendency to label even the un-label-able and sometimes label the labels themselves (damn those homophobes). Now I could go on about labeling the anti-labelers (antiracist? what about pro-anti-racists?)

I have a general disliking towards people who have a habit of labeling. It makes them feel better. “Ohmyg0d~ you smoke!”, are you worried about my health or did not expect me to smoke. You said that with a feeling of relief, I bet. A feeling of feeling higher in ethics than me, a feeling of being ‘cleeen’, un-sined. They say all that to make themselves feel better than us.

If we do something else damaging to our health but at the same time ethical, no one has a problem; “It’s his life, let him be!”

We all label. Even I do. It’s genetic, but wrong. We do anything in this world; someone or the other will have a problem. Someone out there will try to make you look bad; they will try their best to make you feel guilty. Because it makes them feel good. There are critics for everything, nothing is spared, not even god (athiests are kinda cool), or life itself (druggies and suicidalists – i like the word)

So lesson learnt? Be you, I be me, let we all be. Let them talk. They will always talk.

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2 Responses to Ohmygod! You smoke!?

  1. varund says:


    God always has a capital ‘G’! You’ll go to hell pig!

  2. Anonymous says:


    God always has a capital ‘G’! You’ll go to hell pig!

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