DIY Modified Infra-red Camera

I had an old Genious G Shot D211 lying arround, and it was pretty much useless because of it’s condition.

Making an IR camera is not exactly ‘making’ it, rather modifying or hacking an existing camera. It can be done to any model, but remember every model has a different type of IR filter embedded in it. Some can be removed easily, some have to be broken. Some are transparent paint like a layer of nail polish or solid glass with IR filter on one side and UV on the other. Mine was the former, with IR and UV on opposite sides.

Some usefull links have been provided at your disposal to check out other similar projects.

If I get a good response, ill be uploading more pictures for you to check out.

Outside with no IR or UV filter. This picture was taken outside with no filter at all. That means UV, IR and Visible spectrum, all get into the camera. This makes the picture look weird. So remember if you have removed your IR filter permamanently then you’re probabily stuck with an IR camera!

Photo with IR filter. The same picture but with a fully exposed piece of negative. This blocks out all visible light. There is not much of UV that a CMOS camera can detect due to it’s sensor dynamics. In this image whites are IR rays and blacks mean no IR rays.

Some more

Outside again with IR/UV removedPhoto with IR filter.My stove at full heat!The stove ON.Stove going off.

Here is a video I took at home—>

CMOS Image Sensor Technolog

Awesome article on basics of light, detection methods and CMOS and CCD technology. This one answerd a lot of questions of how sensors pic up different frequencies of light and calculates the needed one.

Notes on Image processing in CMOS

A short but involving article on how CMOS sensors interpolate and correct the pixel colors they recieve.

Wow! Professional IR Photography

Explains how to take proper photos with different cameras and also explains the basics of IR photography. Nice read.

Links to other homemade IR projects:

Infra Red Webcam

DIY IR Security camera

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