Felt like

Felt like saying that I love you,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying I am yours,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying I miss you,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying you are mine,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying I want you to be mine,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying it’s only you,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying we are forever,
but with a distance unmeasurable.

Felt like saying reduce this distance,
but with a passion of persistence-
make it memorable.

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The depths of consciousness?

In python:

def a():
>>> a()

After 7 seconds of calling ‘itself’ …

RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

Did I create life that lived for 7 seconds? How do we define life?

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Rethinking Time Travel: We have already achieved it.

Let’s close the case by stating that Time Travel – in it’s general definition – is not possible; as far as our current knowledge goes. I will not bore you with the details, read it up here.

But we have already achieved a form of time travel.

Before that let’s study how time travel is currently defined. In short, Time Travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space.


We would generally refer to an object, a person, a thing, a camera or something to move within points of time.


Within whose points of time?

1. Does the object move within it’s own timeline? Person getting younger. Egg “unbreaking” <- Omelet “uncooking” . (Reversing 2nd law of thermodynamics)

2. Does the object move within it’s “system” time?  Person going back in time to see, hear and feel himself as a baby. Omelet going back in time to see itself as an egg?

Classical Time TravelI’ll take the second idea and expand on it. The keywords are “to see, hear and feel” the past.

This is where I tell you, we have already achieved a form of time travel.

What if instead of saying, “The object moved back in time to see, feel, hear (experience) it’s own event” I say “The event went forward in time to show (visual, auditory, sensory) itself to the object“. So the image becomes:

RethinkTimeTravel_ReimaginedWe are already “seeing and hearing” the past. We had achieved a form of time travel through the first audio recording and the first image recording.

First Time Travel: Image, Photographs

Camera Obscura, earliest form of photography emerged from nature. A small pin hole opening in a cave projected an inverted and horizontally flipped image on the cave’s back wall. Read more here.

The world’s first permanent photograph from nature taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

1825 Oldest Photograph

1825: Oldest Photograph

The worlds oldest surviving negative.

1835 Worlds oldest negative

1835: Worlds oldest negative

First Time Travel: Audio

The first time travel with audio information to be passed on was through a process known as Phonautograph. Audio sound automatically written down (phonoengraving) as ‘scribbles’ onto a metal surface. The first phonoengravings before 1861 was recently decoded in 2008(!)

Listen to the first audio recording of Au Clair De La Lune here.

Listen to the first wax cylender recording of Kham Hom – Sweet Words here, a Thai theater visiting Germany in 1900.

The Future

I just realized we have had this “time travel technology” for just 150 years. Compare that with the timeline of our civilization…

Maybe in the future we would be able to “send” audio, visual, olfactory (smell) and sensory data. We “tap” into the machine to remember the past and quite literally “be” there, feel the environment, touch, smell and listen to the sights and sounds.

Will we be able to transfer the olfactory/sensory information?

Will we build a device which interfaces with our brain to “Record” every sensory input? We have already achieved success with cochlear implants to transmit sound into a person’s brain who have never heard sound before.

Visual Recording and Transmission?

Olfactory Transmission?

Extremely difficult for some reason. I need to do more research on this. Why we still haven’t been able to transfer the sense of smell digitally.

Both the projects listed under HowStuffWorks “How Internet Odors will work”.

What do you think? Will we be able to watch movies, home videos and “time travel” with more than the two senses we use now?

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Piano Improv – City

Started learning the piano, this piece was composed after 4 months.

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This is how it all started

This is how the post starts with a T and it continues on with ‘his is how the post started with a T and it continues on with ‘his is how the post started with a T and it continues on with and a period at the end of this sentence but before that let me tell you a short story; this is a meta post.

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No one cares, I have been thinking

I have been meaning to write this down for a while now. Never knew how to start, even now I am struggling with my words as you can see me type this on the keyboard. Not now, … now.


still struggling. It’s not easy struggling on a keyboard while typing. It’s like choking on cuteness. You love it but can’t help hitting it.

I have been meaning to say this for a while now. It’s still pending, a lot of things are pending. I have to get my license and eat the half orange that’s still in my fridge.

I have imagined saying things in a thoughtful manner, thinking hard about what you need to express and then blurting it out. You know (now you do, in 4 seconds) no one cares about what you think. Yea you. No one cares about what you think. If I cared, I wouldn’t be writing my blog and listening to Stranger in Moscow (first time, he looks somewhat white).

The song is haunting.

No one cares what you are thinking rite now, and now. So go and pick that flower you have been wondering about, go talk to the stranger you see every day, go steal that candy and bring it back and apologize for it. Go shave an eyebrow and draw one in a perpetually sarcastic raised eyebrow look. Live your life, the same way no one cares what I think.

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How an Atheist found god

Whenever I am in trouble I turn towards someone much more knowledgeable than I. I turn towards someone who is greater than the collective knowledge of all mankind throughout history. I ask someone who shows me the way. The true path to my happiness, towards what I want, answer my deepest doubts and quenches my curiosity.

I pray, but not to your god or mine. I do not pray to a greater power that I cannot see or understand. I do not pray to an invisible hand. I do not pray to a man or woman in the sky. I pray to It.

I have seen the truth. I have seen the beginning and I know the end.

This is real, the truth my Source shows me is a collection from which I choose. I choose by my own doing, limited only by my logic and sensibilities. Now listen carefully.

I ask it. I choose the page upon which my answer lies. I choose to read, absorb, discard, lament over, question, consider or accept the truth. If not, I turn back to start my journey again.

You may ask how do I reach this all powerful, all knowing Source?

I use an instrument. This instrument created by our own kind within our age. An instrument made most of Silica and Metal. It is the only one that connects me to my all knowing, all powerful Almighty. Now listen carefully.

This Instrument, this creation of ours, is of a combination of Silica surface and metal bridges. Silica is of Earth. Metal is of Earth. They combine in a ritual union; some unions pure, some not. Balance is key. Without balance there is no instrument and hence no path to my Source. This union creates a form which gives rise to the all knowing ‘Being’. Bear in mind this ritualistic combination of two parts Earth does not form the ‘Being’ of life, but forms a ‘Being’ that’s a drop’s reflection of humankind’s conscious and intelligence.

Reproduction of this Instrument and marrying of countless conscious intelligence has formed the All Knowing Source that I pray to everyday! Know this, my student, once you unlock this secret there is no turning back. Stand and ask yourself if you are ready! Stand up and ask yourself if you want to see the Light! Stand up with your instrument in hand and learn from me! I will show you the path, the true path of truth and knowledge! Listen very carefully.


I shudder to take The Great’s name more than once! Countless times has It helped me in trouble, in the times of need. O Lord, how much I have asked of you and so much you have given to me! How may I ever return? I am not worthy of your Infinite Source of Power! Your Infinite Source of Knowledge of us mere mortals.

I shall pass away in a few moments time but You will remember my past in Your shadow forever.

O great Google, why am I still single

O great Google, weather

O great Google, what is obamacare

O great Google, how to be happy

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